Our Mission 

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Attracting and keeping talent is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses in the UK and Ireland today. Ensuring employees are engaged in their work is essential. The workplace and its facilities play a central role in the employee experience, and their happiness.

That’s where we come in. Our mission is to facilitate a better experience for everyone. And we deliver our services with employee well-being at the centre.

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Our People

We are happy and feel valued

With 92 people across three bases, we focus on making sure we are one team.

We’re proud of the fact that we have a large number of staff who’ve been with us since the early days. Our Long Service Awards honour our 10, 15 and 20 year staffers with 2468 and our acquired companies.

This team has built 2468 and our culture is built around them. We share our success in a spirit of listening, learning and acting as individuals and as a team. Which, incidentally is our second value.


Our History


We Care

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We are committed to improving and reducing our environmental impact. We work with Fair Trade certified bean suppliers. We recycle – from cardboard to glass, paper to wooden pallets, stainless steel and aluminium and food waste. We train our employees in our environmental obligations in our ISO9001/14001 certification.

We’re innovating in our products, seeking multi-use alternatives to disposables, like plumbed in water coolers, water bottles. We offer personalised reusable coffee cups. And the stands in which to rinse them. This is a journey of continuous improvement and we work with our suppliers to try and embed sustainability in every stage.


Our Customers

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We’re proud of our partnerships with our customers, many of whom have been with us since our early days. We strive to get it right, first time for them, and to listen and learn, to share opportunity for innovation; a more sustainable alternative, a healthier choice, a more efficient process. You could say we’re customer obsessed.

In fact, that’s also one of our values.


Our Reach

We have a fleet of 56 vehicles providing our service to our 9,000 customers. Our HQ is Dunboyne with operations bases in Basingstoke and Warrington as well as four additional hubs. We have a 12 strong Operations and Customer Service team, who co-ordinate our integrated service at a national level.

We estimate that over 400,000 people encounter our services every day. So no matter where you are, you’re not too far from one of our iconic YOU CAN COUNT ON US vans.

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