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A washroom is an office sanctuary and a reflection of your consideration for your employees and guests alike.

Our washroom approach is based on being energy efficient and environmentally friendly – with the emphasis on purity and refreshment. We provide a range of equipment and stock for business and public spaces. We also provide a full washroom service which is discreet and efficient, including a feminine hygiene service.

Our range includes:

  • Air Care – diffusers, solid, fragrances
  • Odour elimination & hygiene control
  • Passive air care technology
  • Hand drying
  • Hand hygiene soap and sanitisers
  • Toilet Paper dispensers & paper
  • Feminine Hygiene service & bins
  • Washroom vending

Toilet Paper and Paper Dispensers

Our dispensers hold 2 rolls of toilet tissue at a time for long lasting use in high traffic washrooms. We also have a wide range of paper including recycled and pure paper for you to choose from.

Hand Towels and Dispensers

Our lever controlled hand towel dispenser fully encloses the hand towel roll for hygienic use and dispenses a controlled sheet length each time – while the sensor option is excellent for maintaining hand hygiene.

Soap and Soap Dispensers

We have two main soap dispenser options and both come with luxurious refill cartridges and pouches.

Odour Elimination

Airoma is an automatic air freshener dispenser designed to provide facilities with regular small bursts of fragrance. The air freshener dispenser provides flexible and easy to use programming options.