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Soap Refills

Sanitex MVP Refills

Part of the MVP range, Sanitex MVP Refills provide luxurious soaps, promoting maximum hygiene, leaving hands clean.

Sanitex MVP Soap Refills help to keep hands clean, ensuring optimum hygiene at all times. Choose one of our thick and super rich lathers with moisturisers and natural conditioners.

Sanitex MVP refills are designed specifically for use in the innovative Sanitex MVP Skin Care Dispensers. Refills available are: Sanitex MVP Anti-bacterial Foam Soap | Sanitex MVP Instant Hand Gel and Sanitex MVP Luxury Foam Soap.

  • Balanced formulas that are gentle to the skin
  • Soap refills are dermatologically tested
  • Durable, sealed cartridges ensure optimum hygiene at all times
  • Refill packaging is recyclable

Sanitex Refills

The Sanitex Soap refills and Instant Hand Gel, offer optimal hand hygiene. Hands stay hygienic and clean long after washing.

Sanitex Luxury Foam and Luxury Liquid formulas ensure dirt is emulsified, making it easier to remove dirt from the skin in a regular hand washing process. The Instant Hand Gel for the Sanitex® Dispenser is an instant, refreshing and caring alcohol based formula with anti-bacterial action without water.

  • Each soap refill is balanced and dermatologically tested
  • Hands stay hygienic and clean long after washing
  • All Sanitex┬« refills are contained and delivered in recyclable packaging
  • Push to dispense system