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Ensuring your staff have sustenance 24/7 with snacking services

Whether it’s impulse or planned, more and more people are now snacking at least twice a day. And while healthy snacking options are also on the rise, crisps and chocolate are still the most popular snacks.

We can help you meet this trend by providing fuel and sustenance 24/7. We will continually review our range in line with what your staff want and will work with your business to devise the optimum mix.

Snacking service includes:

  • A range of vending machines to suit every budget and need – from high usage workplaces to quieter spaces
  • Choice of snack only, and chilled drinks only machines – or a combination of both
  • Regular servicing, cleaning, merchandising and monitoring of your machines
  • Vending video screens to inform on nutri-count or suggest combinations, plus telemetry to report on stock levels
  • A mix of healthy-option and joyfully tasty snack ranges
  • Machines with coin, card or contactless payment options