Saluto to National Cappuccino Day

Cappuccino Day.jpg

Every coffee starts with a good espresso. And a good cappuccino requires careful attention so that the ratio of foam within the milk is just right. It’s one of the most difficult espresso-based beverages to make properly – requiring a skilled barista – or a perfectly calibrated automatic coffee machine – to get right. The perfect cappuccino (or Capucco’ in Italian slang) is made up of three distinct layers, coffee, hot milk and frothy (not dense) foam.

Cappuccino is Italian in origin, deriving its name from the creamy brown robes worn by Capuchin Friars. It’s a morning drink in Italy only, creamy and slightly foamy, and small enough to gulped down at the counter but large enough to feel substantial. Further afield in Europe we’ve become accustomed to cappuccino as an all day coffee, particularly when drawn from a smoother Arabica blend. The true Italian way to drink cappuccino is to stir so that the three layers come together as one gorgeous smooth and creamy shot. When stirred you see the distinctive colour similar to that of the Friars’ habits.

Today we’re taking to say ‘saluto’ to this gorgeous smooth and frothy coffee treat. We like ours with a Ferns Italian Robusta blend, from Aequator Ecuador – for a perfect pour every time.

Niamh ODea