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Bidvest Noonan

Bidvest Noonan

Helping Bidvest Noonan build a space employees belong at The Hub

The ask

As one of the UK and Ireland’s leading outsourced-services group, personal relationships are vitally important to Bidvest Noonan’s longevity and success. They wanted to optimise their opportunities to engage and collaborate by transforming their canteen into a space where staff and visitors could better connect and interact.

The solution

Through workshops and surveys, we got a full understanding on what staff wanted – comfortable seating, cosy corners to chat, atmospheric lighting and of course great coffee. They wanted a hub they could call their own and a place they would be proud to bring a client. This allowed us to establish a clear vision for the space, and work with their senior management to design a space that put staffs’ needs first.

The result

The result was a space that Bidvest Noonan’s employees called ‘The Hub’. It was designed with connectedness and wellness at its core – giving everyone a sense of belonging and ownership. We installed quality bean-to-cup coffee and gave the employees the choice of a range of Ferns coffee beans. We provided private hubs where staff could work quietly or have a private chat. And we added planters with warm tones, to give a real feeling of relaxation and calm. All this combined to bring Bidvest Noonan’s vision stunningly to life – they loved it.

The collective strength of the 2468 team from a design, project management, product knowledge and marketing perspective produced a WOW result that has been hugely motivational for our team.

Bidvest Noonan