Enjoy 125 years of coffee expertise, blended to perfection and roasted to order.


From our very own roastery in Basingstoke, we continue to craft the superb coffee that has always set Ferns apart, blending and hand-roasting to produce blends that have been enjoyed by discerning coffee-lovers for over 125 years.

Ferns is different in other ways too. For instance, your coffee is roasted to order, so you can be certain of its freshness, and we don’t roast coffee for anyone else… regardless of how many times they ask!



Taste every moment of our rich history.

From small beginnings to becoming a name synonymous with coffee perfection, from a modest Covent Garden warehouse in 1893 to the here and now, we’ve been learning what makes a cup of coffee a great cup of coffee, and we’re continuing to hone our blending and roasting skills. There’s 125 years of expertise in every cup… and you can taste every moment.

Now part of 2468 group of companies, Ferns is in safe hands, and it has an exciting future. 2468 specialises in integrated services, coffee, water and snacking which provide the foundations of a better employee and customer experience. With 2468 and Ferns you can expect to see this great coffee in more and more locations across the UK and Ireland. Which is excellent news for coffee connoisseurs!

Learn more about our complete range of Ferns Coffee: Whole Bean Blends and Ground Coffee, Whole Bean Soluble and In-Cup & Vending.