We help create a better workplace experience for everyone. Here’s how.


Coffee and tea solutions which provide a hub for connections and time out.


24/7 sustenance, from the good for you to the better for you to the fun for you.


Hydration to boost mood, improving focus and performance.


Washrooms which offer a welcoming space to recharge, refresh and renew.


Coffee, tea and refreshments

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Recharge Stations

We create coffee, tea and refreshment stations, in bespoke fit outs. Our stations can transform break rooms into multi-functional co-working and snack spaces. We partner with leading Swiss and US manufacturers to supply automatic barista-quality coffee machines, and specialist tea stations.

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Ferns Coffee

And it all starts with a great coffee. Our coffee is Ferns. Established in Covent Garden in 1893, Ferns became part of 2468 in 2015. We roast a range of blends in small batches for our customers. And because our roasts are fresher we believe they taste better. [more here]

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Snacking as Sustenance

24/7 sustenance for an agile workforce in a range of snack delivery solutions. ‘Work hard and snack often’ is our credo and we can offer a range of snacks and systems.

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Hydration for focus, clarity and mood

We provide effective hydration through networks of mains-fed coolers or bottled water coolers. We bottle our own water - Workplace Water. And we can help drive better water drinking behaviours through communications and incentives.

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A washroom is a sanctuary. It’s a reflection of your consideration, for guests, and employees. We care about the detail in this space, about efficiency, purity and refreshment. Our washroom brand is Aura – we invite you to experience wellbeing.