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Putting coffee at the heart of your workplace

Did you know that globally we now drink approximately 2.25 billion cups of coffee per day and counting.

Coffee is the fuel that keeps your employees ticking over so it’s important that your employees have the finest tasting roasts, easily and readily available. We can even offer you your own exclusive roast – Ferns.

Coffee Machines

From premium counter top machines using fresh milk, to floor-standing vending machines for serving large volumes we can provide a high-quality coffee machine to suit your budget. Our coffee machines suit many business types – office, school canteen, coffee shop, logistics, manufacturing and more.

Hot Water Boilers and Taps

We supply a full range of Marco boilers and Aqua Libre taps, which provide hot, cold and sparkling water at the touch of a button.

Ferns – our exclusive coffee range

Did you know we roast our own coffee? Ferns has a long history as one of the oldest roasteries in Britain. The craft of coffee has barely changed since 1893. We are respectful of that history and continue to roast our famous Ferns’ coffee blends while adding some new blends to the tradition

79.4% of employees globally rank tea, coffee and other refreshment facilities as an important workplace feature

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