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Water – ensuring your staff are hydrated and happy

From catching up at the water cooler to sipping on your favourite water bottle to stay hydrated during the day, water at work has a central role to play in your employees morale and performance.

Water Coolers

As experts in water solutions, we have a range of water coolers to suit every environment from table top coolers to floorstanding ones. We now also offer contactless water – which means your staff will never have to touch the cooler to dispense water.

Water Taps

We also have a range of taps that can provide chilled and sparkling water to your workforce – and they come in a variety of stylish colours.

The benefits of staying hydrated:

  • Increased productivity – staying hydrated helps your thinking and reasoning
  • It promotes healthy weight management – water helps you feel more full
  • It flushes out toxins – giving your kidneys a helping hand
  • It prevents sick days – as one of the foundations of a stronger immune system
  • It improves heart health – by maintaining the proper viscosity of your blood