Snacking as sustenance

Snacking that’s better

snacking sustenance.jpg

As a nation we’re snacking more frequently - not surprising as the working day extends, and conventional meal times get skipped. In fact we’re in the middle of a ‘snacking revolution’ which has seen average adult consumption of snacks increased from 29g in 1979 to 89g in 2015 (source: Defra UK).

For us snacking is about providing fuel and sustenance 24/7. We continually review our range in response to trends. The ideal snacking offer is designed with the needs of its audience in mind - and that differs depending on location, user profile and routine, and time of year. So we work with our customers to devise the optimum mix.

We service, clean, merchandise and monitor our full footprint of machines up and down the UK and Ireland. This allows us to make sure they’re performing as they should. It also allows us to be vigilant on shelf life, and to report on usage patterns to our customers, weekly, daily and hourly. We use vending tech to amplify the user experience - like video screens to inform on nutri count or suggest combinations, and telemetry to report on stock levels.

As good starting point, we believe in a mix of snacks from the Good for You, to the Better for You to the Fun for You. After all, what’s a week without a little joy?